Mandi – “The virus has changed just about everything from my daily routine to my social interactions with friends and family. Like many others, I am adapting to zoom conference calls for work and at the same time helping my teenage daughter navigate online learning. And beyond the new technology interactions, we are both learning to cope with calendars that are now void of school and after work functions, as well as drill team activities that once occupied our daily lives.”


Carlo- Covid-19 has been a heck of a blow to the way everyone in the world operates in their daily lives. Schools are closed, the stock market took a hard hit, business are closed, people have lost their lives at accelerated rates, people have lost their jobs, families are put on restrictions to stay in their homes and no social activities are encouraged. This Virus has caused an unprecedented number of deaths since November 2019 and disrupted the lives of billions of others around the world. As of now there is no cure for this infectious disease and no date of when it will come under control. Moving forward, I hope it can have as little of an impact as possible from what we have experienced thus far.


Keisha- COVID-19 has had a very dual impact on me. Fortunately, I am still able to work during this time, but my workload is placing more strain on me than the impact of the virus itself. The negative impact it has had so far is unable to be with a close relative during an emergency surgery, which in return brought me to fast and pray more. Therefore, my faith was strengthened during this time. With the ability to still work a normal, well an excessive number of hours, schedule, I’m still in a sense still living my normal daily life…minus frequent unnecessary visits to the grocery store. Instead I replaced that with walking to my pantry or fridge since I stocked the cabinets as this became more public. Both places are things I prefer not need to be in.

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